San Miguel’s ‘La Rosaleda Liga Edición Especial’ comes to Málaga

Málaga CF’s first team player, Dani Pacheco, and Málaga CF Femenino players, Alba Hoyas and Raquel García were at La Rosaleda to present the “Malaguista Table Football” and the promotion accompanying this tournament created by the multinational beer brand.


22/10/2018 14:51

La Rosaleda now has its own Malaguista Table Football and you can have a go. This is what ‘La Rosaleda Liga Edición Especial’ tournament is all about, created by multinational beer brand, San Miguel, that was presented today at the Málaga CF stadium’s VIP area, kicking off on 24th October.

Málaga CF first team player Dani Pacheco, as well as Málaga CF Femenino players, Alba Hoyas and Raquel García, were in charge of presenting the tournament today, accompanied by Product Manager Territory of San Miguel, Iris de Palacio.

‘La Rosaleda Liga Edición Especial’ is a tournament that will be played in seven bars in the city with the aforementioned table football, created especially for the occasion. To promote the event, an advert has been recorded featuring Pacheco, Raquel, Alba and Ontiveros.

Statements by Iris de Palacios

“Starting on 24th October until 22nd December, a tournament will be held in seven bars in Málaga. We invite fans to continue showing their passion for football and for the Club, so everyone in Málaga can play with Málaga. On behalf of San Miguel, we’ve created a Malaguista table football for ‘La Rosaleda Liga Edición Especial’. As you know, San Miguel and Málaga CF have an historic relationship, we are official sponsors of the Club and in this ‘Liga Edición Especial’ we want fans to enjoy being stars ‘on the field of play’”.

Tournament format

From Wednesday to Saturday the table football will be housed in the different venues that are part of the action. Fans can sign up for the tournament “in situ” and in pairs will compete amongst participants of each bar to reach the qualifying stage and the Grand Final that will be held at La Rosaleda stadium. Fans can find the bars participating in the tournament on as well as all the details of the tournament.

The winning pair in the final will receive two tickers for Málaga’s League matches at La Rosaleda for the 18/19 season, whilst the final runners-up will win a trip with the team during the 18/19 season.

All information about the bars in Málaga holding this event can be found here: 

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