Recovery session at the Ciudad de Málaga

The team returned to training this Sunday morning at the Ciudad de Málaga stadium following yesterday’s match at La Rosaleda against RCD Mallorca. The starting players from this match trained in the gym. The rest of the squad underwent a normal session under Víctor’s orders.


28/04/2019 12:29

A total of 13 players stepped on to the pitch at 11am, namely: Werner, Kieszek and Cengo (without ‘ficha’), who carried out specific goalkeeping training under the supervision of Koke Contreras, as well as 10 players at full pace: Iván Rodríguez, Luis Hernández, Miguel Torres, Juankar, Diego González, Iván Alejo, Boulahroud, Lacen, Mula and Seleznov.

The starting players from the match against Mallorca remained in the gym, including Fede Ricca, who suffered a sprain to his left ankle. Tests carried out determined the player is suffering with a Grade 1 sprain to the left ankle, pending development.

In the infirmary, continuing with their respective recoveries were Erik Morán, Pacheco, Brezancic, Koné and homegrown player, Harper.

On Monday and Tuesday, Málaga Club de Fútbol’s first team players have two days of rest.