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Pellicer: “No option is lost, just two points”

The Blue and White coach analysed the draw in Algeciras. “We have to raise the level, the moment of truth has arrived,” he said.


The idea was to get the three points. We've seen a match knowing the magnitude of the rival as the home team. With the exception of the first 15 minutes, we dominated the first half, but we lacked precision. They had one chance and we threatened. I’m happy with the lads’ work yet the point is insufficient as we are Málaga. However, I remember 10 matchdays ago. It was a very competitive match with moments for both teams, let's keep improving and working.”

Goal options

The rival had the clearest chances; Algeciras is a dominant team at home. We attacked in tight spaces while they had more open ones. It was difficult for us against a team with defensive density; we needed a bit more composure and to threaten the intermediate spaces. You need to be very precise, and we didn't have that. We also had crosses that didn't result in anything. The team tried. Defensively, both teams were strong; we lacked defining moments in the chances to make them clearer.”

Algeciras’ defensive block

In terms of defensive density, they had a structure with three central defenders and they closed the spaces on us. We tried, but we lacked depth, precision in crosses, and we didn't decide the timing well. With the substitutions, we tried to be asymmetrical and take attacking risks. I'm happy with the players’ work but it's insufficient because we came from three points and wanted to continue the run. Now’s the time to focus on the next match and improve.”

Objective, next match

I'm thinking about the next match; 10 matchdays ago, we had lost all our chances. The team is having a regular year, with a young squad and new players. We are Málaga; we need to raise the level, but I'm happy with the team's performance. The lads are responding; here, it goes from everything to nothing. If we had won... We need to be measured; we have many things to improve. We haven't lost any option; we dropped two points against a great rival. Now, let's get the excitement back at La Rosaleda and be more accurate in finishing. The fans will lift us to get the three points.”

Pace of play

The last stretch of the first half was our best moment. David Ferreira had one chance, and so did David Larrubia. At any minute, we could have scored; that was the feeling. In the second half, play equalised again, and we weren't comfortable. It seemed like we could repeat what we did in the first half, but they stopped us and gained energy. We lacked wearing them down physically and emotionally.”

Positive aspects

I am happy with the attitude. Algeciras changed their structure. We didn't shoot on goal; we lacked finishing plays, but throughout the match, except for those two actions, there were positive aspects. It's insufficient because we have the obligation to win. The positive aspect is that we kept a clean sheet, and we continue to recover players; Juanpe played more minutes. Now we have to raise the level because the moment of truth is here.”

Grateful to the Malaguistas

The fans are always with us, and I thank them because in every trip and home game, they make us feel that warmth. They're not happy because they want to see their team win, but I haven't seen a group with the dedication of this one. Whatever happens at the end of the season, we will give our all.”

Photo: Javier Díaz