Miguel Torres: “I’m ready if the coach needs me”

The Blue and White defender is positive regarding the team dynamic, with focus firmly on the upcoming rival in the play-offs, RC Deportivo: “They are a difficult team to beat, and there’ll be a very hostile environment at their ground, however the most important thing is the trend we’re working on” he said.


10/06/2019 18:51

Minutes at La Rosaleda

“After a long time waiting to participate with the team, the truth is it was a very special day for me, one of the most important for me in Málaga. We’re at a point in the season where we all want to take part as some extremely important and beautiful matches are coming up. I’ve worked hard through the season with enthusiasm and a determination to play at any time. I have a great memory because the team won, we qualified to the play-offs and I’m very excited about what’s to come, which is everyone’s main priority”.

Ready to play

“We have an extensive squad, which during a large part of the season is a bigger problem for the coach having to select the line-ups, but we must be prepared until the end. I’ve been bursting with enthusiasm and excitement about everything that’s happened over the season, despite not having been able to play until last Saturday. Many weeks I felt like, not just being called-up, but that I’d have the possibility to play. That wasn’t the case and I went back to work psychologically and came back to face the following week. I’ve really enjoyed the victories. As soon as the team went down, I was the first that wanted to stay here to fulfil the primary objective which was to be in the First Division. I believed the team couldn’t afford a lot of time in the Second Division. I was always very clear in my statements and I’m ready if the coach needs me. My experience is also an added value, and during games it’s not just about the physical aspect, but other qualities too”.

Dépor, a great rival

“An historic side in the First Division, they’ve won two and drawn one of the last three matches. The goals scored and conceded are very similar to ours, which says that they’re a team who has had many draws, are difficult to beat and there’ll be a very hostile environment at their ground, however the most important thing is the trend we’re working on, the feeling we have. I think there’s a very good internal confidence amongst the players. They’ve shown this, together with the union with fans in recent games, and I believe we’re facing these matches in the best possible situation. Hopefully the injured players will be able to join us soon. We can’t wait to play a good game, earn a good result and enjoy the second leg at home, as every rival feels our fans’ support and it’s something that no opponent would want to have here”.

Malaguista family

“My teammates made a lovely gesture towards me, not just my teammates, but the entire group who to me are those who train on the field, kit managers, medics, physios, Club personnel… I’ve always felt loved and supported by them, and the gesture they made was one of the best of my career. I’ll always remember it and will be eternally grateful. Inside I don’t feel I deserve it as I’m not used to this type of situation, but it was their gesture and I’ll never forget it as I feel very lucky to be part of this team”.