Manuel Pellegrini will not continue with Málaga CF next season

Coach Manuel Pellegrini confirmed to the media today he will be leaving Málaga Club de Fútbol at the end of this season. The Chilean-born manager, who reached an agreement with the Martiricos Club to surrender his contract, despite having two years left, stated his reason for departure was due to “sporting reasons.”


22/05/2013 19:40

“Everyone has the right and obligation to follow their chosen path, and Málaga must do the same.  The Club requires a realistic project next season.  Málaga had a past without Manuel Pellegrini, and will also have a future without Manuel Pellegrini,” affirms the coach.

Pellegrini went on to say: “I will be eternally grateful to the owners of the Club, who always had blind faith in me.”  Referring to the ‘Malaguista’ fans, the coach adds: “The most important foundation of this Club is the strength and support from the fans.”