Málaga Club de Fútbol Official Statement

Málaga Club de Fútbol wishes to express its total disagreement at the decision issued today by UEFA, and considers the intended actions against the Martiricos Club to be completely unjustified. The Club believes they are being made a ‘scapegoat’ and an ‘example of’ by UEFA by this unfair treatment.


21/12/2012 15:30

Given the total and absolute indignation and outrage at the decision, Málaga Club de Fútbol wishes to state they are working tirelessly to ensure justice is done, and will work with all organisations necessary until the situation is resolved.  Málaga Club de Fútbol also wishes to add that they cannot comprehend the decision, and cannot understand why they now have to wait for an unspecified time period to find out why this decision was reached.

To give the fans peace of mind, Málaga Club de Fútbol wishes to state that they are continuing with the process of internal restructuring within the Club, which first got underway last summer, to come in line with the Fair Play regulations.  Consequently, the agreement between the tax authorities and the Martiricos outfit will be made official, as the funds retained by UEFA have now been released.  Furthermore, with the information that has come about regarding unfulfilled obligations by the Club with C.A. Osasuna and Málaga’s first team players, Málaga Club de Fútbol stresses that such agreements have now been settled, and the Club requests that any unfounded information which could undermine the Málaga Club de Fútbol name, is to be disregarded.
Nevertheless, despite the obstacles, the owners have come up against since their arrival at Málaga, their support for the project and the Club as a whole is indisputable.  Evidence of this is a recent investment of more than seven million euros by owner, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al Thani.  Málaga Club de Fútbol deeply regrets having to breach the Club’s communications policy, and make public such confidential, internal matters, but as previously stated, they are working around-the-clock and making the necessary decisions to ensure justice is done.