Málaga CF renews collaboration with ONCE-Málaga indoor football team

For the fourth consecutive season, Málaga Club de Fútbol is renewing the collaboration with the ONCE-Málaga indoor football team, by providing the team’s sporting equipment. During the presentation of the equipment, held this morning at La Rosaleda’s press room, there was a screening of a commercial produced for the occasion, starring Málaga CF’s Jesús Gámez and ONCE-Málaga captain, Marcelo Rosado.


15/11/2013 22:56

Málaga Club de Fútbol adviser, Francisco Martín Aguilar, expressed the Club’s satisfaction in providing ONCE Málaga’s strip for the fourth year running: “It’s an absolute honour to work with a team with such a wonderful history and successful career, and we hope they continue to have the same success wearing the Málaga Club de Fútbol colours.”
ONCE-Málaga team captain, Marcelo Rosado, along with coach, José Urbano, thanked Málaga for their collaboration: “Speaking on behalf of the whole team, we’re thrilled with this collaboration, as no other squad in the city has such amazing support from Málaga CF.  We’re very proud to wear the Málaga colours.”  Marcelo also had a few words for his co-star: “I’m so grateful that he found time in his extremely busy schedule to film this video with me.  Gámez is such a great player and a wonderful person.”
The Fuengirola-born player praised the ONCE-Málaga captain: “I’ve got such admiration for him and his teammates, for what they do on the pitch and in everyday life.  I felt really disorientated on the pitch when I put the mask on, so I think it’s incredible knowing how to play great football like this.”
“Equal in life, equal on the pitch”
This is the message conveyed in the commercial produced by Málaga Club de Fútbol, which describes a day in the life of both players.  Two everyday stories with many similarities when the footballers get together at La Rosaleda: passion for football and passion for the Blue and Whites.