Letter from the Málaga Genuine staff to the Administrator

The Club’s management received an emotional letter from the coaching team of the ‘Suercapacita@s’ Football School. In the letter its members state that they will continue to help the team in a completely altruistic way, due to the Entity’s complex financial situation.


01/09/2020 18:42

Málaga CF’s current reality is making daily life extremely difficult. However, the Club has received numerous gestures of love and affection in recent months. The most recent was received yesterday, coinciding with the International Day of Solidarity, from the coaches of the "Supercapacitad@s" Football School. These professionals, aware of the Entity’s current situation, have approached the judicial administrator, José María Muñoz, to inform him that they will adapt their functions to carry them out in a completely altruistic way. Here’s the letter in full:

“Hello José María, we are the coaching staff of Málaga Genuine and we are used to working together with our players on the seemingly impossible, faced with endless difficulties and constantly overcoming them despite adverse circumstances. The spirit of the Supercapacitad@s School, thanks to these players, has made the extraordinary appear ordinary on numerous occasions. In this current situation, we need to believe that things are possible, and that, despite the difficulties, things will improve. Hence our strong determination to carry on despite everything, for these players who have given so much to us and to the Club we love so much. We carry on with more enthusiasm than ever, because it is our obligation to them and their families. They are part of the hope of the Club as they are an example of coming back from adversity and moving on.

“We continue because it is necessary that they be remembered (memory), out of love and feeling for these colours (commitment) and for the determination of those who do not need to see to believe, who take the first step and join our beloved Málaga CF (faith). The MCF Foundation is the faithful guardian of these three concepts that make our club proud. Our Genuine players are a true example of this, so we will continue to do what we love best, contributing and helping our players grow within the Blue and White Values.

“We believe that Málaga CF is above everything and everyone, and now is the time to convey our commitment, when the Club needs it the most. We want you to know about our intention to continue helping our team in a completely altruistic way, with the same enthusiasm and the same optimism we’ve had for the past two years. For Málaga Genuine. For Málaga CF”.

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20/10/2020 14:46 | First team

A different, momentous presentation

Málaga CF has officially presented the new signings for the 20/21 season at La Rosaleda Stadium. A total of 14 players were presented, all except Matos, who was absent with the Club’s permission.