LaLiga’s ‘Master in Global Sports Marketing’ visits La Rosaleda

Students of the prestigious course had the chance to meet the general manager of the Entity, Richard Shaheen, who explained how the Club operates, as well as the heads of the Marketing Department and MCF Foundation who talked about their projects and strategies.


14/11/2019 17:19

LaLiga Business School offers the prestigious ‘Master in Global Sports Marketing’ course to students who wish to complement their sports marketing studying at the hand of what is considered the best professional football league in the world.

Within the course curriculum, there is a visit to various clubs in the competition, with Málaga CF selected as a mandatory stop. Within this Andalusian itinerary, where the students will also visit Granada CF, Real Betis and Sevilla FC, they stopped at La Rosaleda on Wednesday to explore the stadium. They visited the Museum & Tour and later met with the Entity’s general manager, Richard Shaheen in the ‘Juan Cortés’ press room. The manager explained the importance of marketing within the structure of the Club and its operation in a Public Limited Sports Company (SAD).

Following Mr Shaheen’s presentation, the heads of the Marketing Department and MCF Foundation addressed those present to explain in more detail about their contribution of value in the Club, and the social action.

The faces of the students and their coordinators made it clear that the ‘MasterClass by Málaga CF Foundation and Málaga CF Marketing Department' – the official name of the event – was a complete success.

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