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The Academy

Kick-off times for the MCF Academy

Malagueño will play the first leg of the first round of the promotion playoffs to 2ª RFEF against UD Almería B at the Power Horse Stadium on Sunday 19th May (12:00).


Promotion playoffs to 2ª RFEF

UD Almería ‘B’ - Atlético Malagueño (Power Horse Stadium)

Sunday 19, 12:00

Cadete - División de Honor

Málaga CF - Real Betis Balompié (La Virreina)

Sunday 19, 14:00

Infantil - División de Honor

Málaga CF - CD AD Nervión (La Virreina)

Sunday 19, 12:00

1º Infantil

Linares Deportivo - Málaga CF (Anexo Linarejos)

Friday 17, 19:00



2º Alevín

Málaga CF - CD Conejito Málaga (Los Prados)

Friday 17, 18:30

3º Alevín

Málaga CF - CD Atco. Benamiel CF (Los Prados)

Sunday 19, 10:30

2º Benjamín

Málaga CF - CDF Romeral (Los Prados)

Friday 17, 18:30

4º Benjamín

Ayunt. Alh. El Grande - Málaga CF (Miguel Fijones)

Sunday 19, 11:00

3º Prebenjamín

Málaga CF (Not in competition)


Women’s football

1ª Cadete

Córdoba CF - Málaga CF (Miralbaida IDM)

Saturday 18, 12:00