José Herrera: “Both teams have shown they’ll fight for every match”

The Málaga CF Femenino coach highlights the positives from his team against Santa Teresa, emphasising the importance of the Blue and White youth ranks: “The commitment is tangible, we’re seeing it. We have to give it a chance and develop the talent of the footballers we have in Málaga”, he told the media.


08/09/2019 16:58

Top-level match

“I’d like to congratulate Santa Teresa as I believe they did an excellent job today. There are teams like them, us and others in this category that truly promote women’s football in Spain. They are a worthy rival who made things difficult for us. It’s very rare to find yourself in a final in September. Both teams have shown they’ll fight for every match. It was an extremely hard-fought game that went in their favour”.

Match analysis

“We prepare all matches thoroughly. We work hard in relation to the game and the opponent. I knew Santa Teresa, the coach, we knew it was going to be very difficult. Last year they won the Second Division and it shows. I believe our team did an excellent job at a hard ground. Now to continue working hard”.

Homegrown players

The commitment to the youth ranks is tangible, we’re seeing it. We have to give it a chance and develop the talent of the footballers we have in Málaga”.

Positive aspects

“The match brought many positives. In the second half we developed our model more. In the opening stages, Santa Teresa made the most of that level of compactness we’re missing as a new team and generated two or three clear chances. From there, the positive lesson is we got into the game and scored first, it was very hard-fought, very open and with great tension”.

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13/09/2019 12:08 | Atlético Malagueño / La Academia / Málaga CF Womens

MCF Academy match schedule

A weekend full of exciting matches for the Blue and White teams. The reserve team will be in action on Sunday at the Federación Malagueña, at 12:00, against CD El Ejido 2012.

12/09/2019 15:44 | Business / Málaga CF Womens

BeSoccer hosts the presentation of Femenino in Reto Iberdrola

Women’s first team players, Adriana Martín, Pamela González and Ana Buceta represented the team, accompanied by Blue and White coach, José Herrera. For another year, the headquarters of Málaga CF’s technological partner was the chosen location to present the new season for the Malaguista squad.

12/09/2019 15:15 | Málaga CF Womens

“The Federación will be a fortress on Saturday”

Málaga CF Femenino attended the BeSoccer headquarters for the team’s presentation after the newly started season. Coach, José Herrera, and players Adriana Martín, Ana Buceta and Pamela attended to the media to analyse #MálagaUDGTenerifeB.