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Einar: “It hurts us not to win to give victory to the fans”

The Malaguista central defender was one of the players who spoke to the media after the game in Algeciras. “We continue to be a solid team in defence; the team keeps forging its path.”

Review of the draw

It's a result that annoys us. We came for the three points; Algeciras played well, and they threatened us in the second half. In the first half, we dominated but without clear chances. We remain a solid defensive team, but it hurts not to win and give victory to the fans. At home, we are among the best, and I'm sure we will get the points.”

Step back?

The team continues forging its path. If we don't have enough to be in first place, which got complicated today, well, if not, we'll arrive in the best form for the playoffs. We're a difficult team to play.”


In the first half, we had moments of dominance and managed to move them from side to side. In the second half, we needed to step up and get the three points, but we couldn't find the spaces. It's a shame.”

Rival’s chances

In the first half, Zequi got behind me, and in the second half, we had the full-backs wide, thinking we could unlock the defence, but they created danger on the counter with rapid players.”

Same scenario

For us, it doesn't change much; we wanted to win every game. If we don't have enough to be in first place, we'll celebrate it. If not, we'll go into the playoffs with the best momentum, where we'll play the season in those matches.”

Photo: Carlos Guerrero