Demichelis reinforces Málaga CF defence

Central defender, Martín Demichelis will be part of Málaga CF for the remainder of 2016/17. The Argentine player, with ample experience in the European footballing elite, will begin his second phase with the Malaguistas, where he took part in League, Cup and Champions League matches.


17/01/2017 14:23

Born in Justiniano Posse (Argentina) on 20th December 1980 (36 years old), and with an Italian passport, Martín Gastón Demichelis, a central defender measuring 1,84 in height and weighing 80 kilos, kicked off his career in Argentina’s River Plate. In the 2003/04 season, he signed to Bayern Munich, where he remained for eight seasons, before joining Málaga CF in 2010/11.

During his first time at the Blue and Whites’ Entity, he competed in 103 matches over two and a half seasons. Subsequently he signed to Atlético de Madrid, before moving to the Premier League with Manchester City, where he stayed for three seasons. Following half a season with RCD Espanyol, he left the ‘perico’ team before returning to Málaga CF.

Return and international

Demichelis, who has been an international on more than 50 occasions with Argentina, and taken part in the South Africa and Brazil World Cups – proclaimed runner-up in the Brazil World Cup – will complete his second stage with the Malaguista squad. He arrived at the Blue and Whites for the first time in January 2011, with Manuel Pellegrini at the helm. He scored nine goals and played a key role in Málaga CF reaching the quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League.