Brandon: “Today could be the turning point”

The Blue and White number ‘9’ held a press conference in the Juan Cortés press room at La Rossaleda after the clash with Real Sporting. “The break will be good for those players who haven’t been in action or who’ve been injured. Also to clear our minds a bit ahead of the second round,” affirmed the Malaguista forward.


09/01/2022 21:40

Brandon kicked off his press conference showing his delight for the goal, taking the match to 1-1, although he was disappointed at not finishing any of his goal opportunities. “I’m happy with the goal and helping the team to score a point. I had a clear chance, but hopefully next time it’ll go in,” he said.

The forward confirmed they’ve started the season “very well at La Rosaleda,” and went from “strength to strength.” However, following the team’s good performance today, he added “this could be the turning point. We started the year with a daring display, really going for the game. We saw a good Málaga today. They were lucky with the penalty and the cross that went in. The point doesn’t feel like much, but we need to make the most of it for the next match,” added the Malaguista.

Brandon also talked about the Christmas holidays that have just passed, an emotional time: “It’s such a special time as at Christmas and Three Kings you remember those no longer with us, such as my grandmother and now little Miguel Ángel. We send all our strength to his family. We try to make people happy in any way we can,” he added.

Finally, the forward said that “the break will be good for those players who haven’t been in action or who’ve been injured.”