Amrabat: “I’m happy to continue with Málaga CF”

Nordin Amrabat was presented as a Málaga Club de Fútbol player until the 2018/19 season, during a press conference this morning at the Batik Terrace (Premium Hostels Alcazaba), in the presence of Club Advisers; Antonio Benítez and Ben Barek; as well as director general, Vicente Casado; and sports director, Mario Husillos. Following this, and with La Alcazaba as witness, the Morocco international posed for the media wearing the Blue and Whites’ strip: “I’m happy in Málaga and thrilled to be here.”


10/07/2015 15:02

Statements by Amrabat
“This is the most special presentation as now I’m a Málaga CF player.  When I was walking through the streets, so many fans told me that I had to stay here.  When the Club came to me on this occasion it was an easy decision to make.  I’ve signed for four years.  When I returned to Galatasaray the coach was counting on me, but Málaga CF pursued this option for which I’m very pleased.”
“The fans have always been happy with me and have really shown their support.  A player needs to have the chance to play regularly, which is something I’ve achieved here.  It’s a great place, competing in the First Division, a lovely city…all factors which are also important to a player.  My wife and I are both happy in Málaga.  I’m thrilled to be here.”