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Algarrobo will support the team in Balaídos

Málaga CF will head to Vigo with the help of this Costa del Sol municipality. For the first leg of the promotion playoff, artist José Luis Puche’s work features the Torre Ladeada in Algarrobo.

Málaga CF will play the promotion playoff semi-final against Celta Fortuna. The first leg is taking place on Saturday 1st June in Balaídos (18:30). For this important match, Algarrobo will be the featured municipality, and will appear both in the match poster design and on the Blue and White captain's armband.

Located in Málaga province, belonging to the Judicial District of Torrox, we find this picturesque municipality. This charming place is situated in a valley between two nearby hills, on the banks of the Algarrobo River, where it meanders gently through a ravine, to finally meet the Mediterranean Sea.

The town has a rich and varied history. From the presence of Iberians and Phoenicians to the Moorish influence and the Reconquista, each era left its mark here. Phoenician trade, Arab technical advances, defence against invasions or reconstruction after the expulsion of the Moors are key milestones. Legends of bravery, such as that of the young man who saved the town from burning during the French invasion, summarise the deep-rooted spirit of its inhabitants. To this day, Algarrobo continues to witness its past in its streets, ruins and traditions.

The municipality offers a fascinating look at the past through its iconic places. The Torres Vigías made up of the mythical Torre Ladeada and the imposing Torre Derecha, tell stories of defence and surveillance throughout the centuries. The charming Hermitage of San Sebastián maintains its 16th century essence and is an ideal location to find peace among its gardens. Phoenician settlements, such as Morro de Mezquitilla and the Necrópolis de Trayamar reveal the richness and complexity of this civilization in the western Mediterranean.

Algarrobo is a perfect mix of sea and mountains. Nature lovers can enjoy numerous hiking trails that offer spectacular panoramic views of the landscape, as well as relax and enjoy the sun, sand and blue sea of ​​its coast.

The gastronomy, thanks to its privileged location, offers an exquisite variety of local products. From the fresh tomatoes and juicy sardines to the sweet Algarrobo cakes, each bite allows you to taste the authentic flavours of the region.

In addition, its festivities awaken excitement and joy in the hearts of all who participate. The Quema del Algarrobo transports you to the past with its reenactments, tastings and competitions, while the Oktoberfest turns the Algarrobo Costa International Centre into a festival of beer and music. For rock lovers, Algarroba Rock promises an epic night with six bands on Paseo Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

For the design of the captain’s armband, as well as the poster for the match against Celta Fortuna, José Luis Puche, with his usual mastery, has captured the Torre Ladeada of Algarrobo, a symbol rooted in the history and landscape of the town. Behind her you can see the face of a vigilant man, reflecting the determination of the Malaguistas to support his team. Above, the sea represents the coast and the maritime environment of the Costa del Sol municipality, uniting the team with its coastal community.

Málaga CF, the pride of the province!