Alameda, Andalusian capital of veteran and solidarity football

On Saturday 7th April, the Málaga locality will become the epicentre of veterans’ regional football. Thirteen teams will be in action in the ‘Liga Solidaria Zona Sur’, seeking one of two passes to the final stage taking place in Oliva (Valencia) at the end of May.


07/03/2018 16:07

In Alameda, an ideal location for all the teams, 13 top level squads containing some highly prestigious players, who have hung up their boots, but continue playing, will get together. As such, Betis, Málaga, Granada, Córdoba, Cádiz, Recreativo de Huelva, Ejido, Xerez, Marbesula, Balompédica Linense, Estepona, Cultural Marbella and Fuengirola are the participating teams with a total of some 200 players.

The tournament will be played under a ‘World Cup’ format, with four groups of three teams. The leader of each group will pass directly to the semi-finals, and the two finalists will gain a pass to the final stage of the national competition. The matches will have a 30-minute duration, divided into two 15-minute halves. In addition, in the lead-up to the final qualifiers, an ‘Alevín’ team of children between 9 and 12 years of age from Avoi Cadiz and Avoi Malaga will take part in a match against Escuela de Fútbol de Alameda. 

A charity sporting event

The event will be all about sport, charity and fun. Therefore, the action seen on the "Antonio Soriano Melero" municipal football ground at Alameda, will be raising funds for three social groups: Asociación de Voluntarios de Oncología Infantil (AVOI), Asociación Resurgir (Proyecto Hombre de Antequera) and Asuntos Sociales del Ayuntamiento de Alameda. The donation to access the ground is three euros, and as well as the matches, there will be raffles and all sorts of surprises for everyone present.


More about us

The Liga Solidaria Zona Sur FEAFV, which is expected to occur annually, is organised by the Association of Ex-Málaga Footballers, commonly known as the Málaga CF Forever. Chaired by Ernesto Terrón, and with a Board of legends from their days wearing the Blue and White jersey, the ‘Forever’ team was born in 2002, but they recently boosted their activity and structure and since re-established their ties with Málaga CF, as well as integration into the FEAFV (Spanish Federation of Veterans’ Football Associations).

The ‘Forever’ is composed of different generations of former Málaga players. The volume of associates grows as time goes on, in favour of social integration that focuses on encouraging solidarity through sport, rather than economic gain.

The ‘Liga Solidaria Zona Sur FEAFV’ is sponsored by Social Affairs of the Alameda Town Hall, Málaga Club de Fútbol, Diputación Provincial de Málaga and Obra Social ‘la Caixa’, as well as having the collaboration of Dgr Publicidad, MayLucka Decoración, Pizzería-Cafetería Frascati and Gross Dentistas.

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