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A legacy of 120 years of history

Together with hummel, Málaga CF is launching a shirt that pays homage to the jersey worn by CD Málaga in the 1988/89 season. A unique collector's item to celebrate the 120 years of history of Málaga football.

Today, 3rd April, marks 120 years since the first football match in Málaga. More than 3,000 spectators gathered that spring Sunday for a Málaga Football Club exhibition duel. That same day a feeling was born that today, more than a century later, is still very much alive.

Málaga CF wants to pay tribute to these 120 years by reviving one of the most iconic jerseys of Málaga football, the one worn by CD Málaga in the 1988/89 season. Footballers like Juanito, Boquerón Esteban and Lauridsen wore this shirt in the Málaga club’s return to the Spanish First Division. MCF is honouring its predecessor club, which was the epicentre of Malaguismo for more than 90 years.

A very special shield

For this shirt, the original 1988/89 shield has been reissued with a very high quality of detail. It only has a single modification, the initials that appear are not CDM (Club Deportivo Málaga), but rather MCF (Málaga Club de Fútbol).

Iconic and recognisable shirt

This jersey pays tribute to the aforementioned shirt from the 1988/89 season. hummel has managed to capture the essence of the garment to bring it to date in the same light. The polo-style collar, the characteristic print, the chevrons running through the sleeve... an authentic jewel that revives one of the most coveted treasures of Malaguismo.

A masterpiece by hummel

In German, hummel means bumblebee. The name came from their ability to fly and defy gravity despite having small wings. That fighting spirit and against the current is what they wanted to represent the brand, and it matches perfectly with the idiosyncrasy of Málaga CF and these 120 years of football on the Costa del Sol. On such an important anniversary, the Danish brand gives Malaguismo a beautiful Blue and White jersey.

120th anniversary logo

The complexity of synthesising 120 years of history has given way to a simple and elegant logo. Respecting the form that has accompanied the Málaga clubs over the years, all the Blues that have represented Malaguismo have been reflected. This logo complements the shirt and is positioned at the bottom of the garment.

Publicity for Tívoli

The front of the CD Málaga shirt during the summer of 1988 featured Tívoli. The iconic Benalmádena park opened its doors in 1972 and has been one of the nerve centres of fun in Málaga over the years. This publicity didn’t accompany CD Málaga in an official match, however, it is one of the most remembered due to the emotional connection of the people of Málaga with the attraction park.