1, 2, 3... We’re Playing at Home!

The Malaguista SME network continues to grow year after year. The third season of ‘Playing at Home’ kicks off with 85 Blue and White-loving businesses. If you have a business, come and join us, and Loyal Malaguistas can make the most of the great offers and promotions!


15/09/2022 12:12

The Malaguista business team grows season after season. ‘Playing at Home’ begins its third year with a total of 85 companies joining the network of Blue and White SMEs.

Loyal Malaguistas can enjoy many advantages with endless promotions and discounts in companies from all sectors throughout Málaga province. The ‘Playing at Home’ sticker is becoming more and more visible, in which its QR code displays the full range of benefits for season ticket holders.

Up to six new businesses have joined or renewed their relationship with ‘Playing at Home’. Welcome!

Parity is a company specialising in IT services with 16 years of experience in the sector. They are located on Calle La Gitanilla 17, in office 31 of Edificio Promálaga. Loyal Malaguistas can enjoy a 10% discount on computer maintenance plans.

Pirandello Formación is a study centre specialising in exam preparation and languages, which has renewed its commitment to ‘Playing at Home’ for another season. Malaguista season ticket holders will receive a 50% discount on the first month.

Más Que Asesores provides a general consulting service. The office is located on Calle Juan Cabanilles 11, and Loyal Malaguistas will enjoy a 20% discount on the 2022 tax returns as well as special promotions and free first consultations for self-employed people.

Mar de Verum is a restaurant where you can enjoy Mediterranean tapas and sumptuous rice dishes, situated on Calle Olmos 43, in Centro Comercial Next Shopping. Malaguista season ticket holders will have a 10% discount at this establishment.

Living4Malaga is a company specialising in luxury holiday rentals in Málaga with 12 years of experience, located on Calle Carretería 43. Loyal Malaguistas have a 10% discount on holiday apartments with a minimum two-night stay.

Talleres Carrión remains within the Malaguista SME network for another season. Blue and White season ticket holders have a 25% discount on labour, as well as a special price of €40 for a comprehensive decarbonisation of the intake system using hydrogen.

Malaguista, what do you fancy doing this season? Check out these amazing offers:  

Something to eat?

Bar América (C/ San Ginés 38, Torremolinos) – 10% discount.

Helados Cremades (Paseo Marítimo de Pedregalejo and Paseo Marítimo de El Palo, Playa Virginia, Málaga) – Free home delivery.

Araboka Restaurante (Calle Pedro de Toledo, 4) – 5% discount off the bill.

Universitas Café (Calle Ayala, 1, Málaga)

Araboka Plaza (Calle Compositor Lehmberg Ruiz, 28, Málaga) – 5% discount off the bill.

El Pedrillo (Calle Emilio de la Cerda, 18, Málaga) – 5% discount.

Taró Restaurante (Calle Tomás Echevarría, 15, Málaga) – Free ‘tartar de salchichón’ for every bill over €40.

Tapería – Bocatería Ñam Ñam Poti Poti (Calle Arenisca, 12, Málaga) - 10% discount on purchases over €10.

El Pimpi (Calle Granada, 62, Málaga) – Free sweet wine on purchases over €20.

Restaurante UMMO (Paseo Cerrado de Calderón, 13 - local 13, Málaga)

Mar de Verum (Calle Olmos, 43, Centro Comercial Next Shopping, Málaga) - 10% discount.

Taberna La Biznaga (Calle Antígona, 10, Málaga) – Invitation for a drink after the meal.

Health comes first

Vithas (Avda. Pintor Sorolla 2, Málaga) – 20% discount on COVID-19 tests for season ticket holders and their families.

Bela Centro Dental (Bulevar Louis Pasteur, 8, Málaga) – 10% discount.

AdaBella (Calle Cisneros, 4, Málaga) – 10% discount on all hair and beauty treatments.

Doctora María Ruiz (Hospital Quirón Málaga - Avda. Imperio Argentina 1, 2ª planta) - 20% discount on waxing and 10% off facial treatments.

Clínica Tafur (Avda. Juan Sebastián Elcano, 186) – 10% discount on dental veneers and 15% discount on implants and orthodontics.

Grupo Dental Clinics (Calle Lope de Rueda, 61, B, 186) – 10% discount and a speical offer for ‘fixed teeth’ in 24 hours.

Clínica Bocaboca (Calle Martínez Maldonado, 65; on Avenida de Velázquez, 73; and on Calle Ayala, 80) – 10% discount, a free assessment by specialists and very interesting payment conditions for Malaguista season ticket holders.

Clínica Áncora (Avda. de Sor Teresa Prat, 57) – Free annual check-up and cleaning.

Clínica Dental Paniagua (Calle Ildefonso Marzo, 2, Locales 1 y 2 Bajo, Málaga) – Free first consultation.

Clínica Cantor (Calle Navarro Ledesma, 229, Málaga) - 5% discount on dental treatments.

OirT (Alameda Principal, 44, Málaga) – Special discounts on all items. 5-year warranty as well as loss, breakage and theft insurance (according to the guarantee conditions). Free quarterly check-ups.

Bioimsa Control de Plagas (Calle Río Sil, 11, Málaga)

Clínica Doctora Mariana Arocha (Plaza de las Flores, 2, 3º Derecha, Málaga) – 15% discount on any dental treatment and 10% on any facial aesthetic treatment.

QIcenter Germán Navas (Alameda de Colón, 16, office 3) - 20% off all treatments.

Malaguista home

Citicasa (Calle la Unión, 41, Málaga) - 10% discount.

Insoex (Calle Pablo Gargallo, Málaga) – €200 discount on purchases over €3,500.

Noray Walkers (Avenida Manuel Fraga Iribarne, 15, in local 10, Torremolinos) – 20% discount on fees.

Grupo ANSAN (Calle Salitre, 51, 2º C, Málaga)

Ley 57 Abogados (Calle Guerrero Gajete, 20, Alhaurín el Grande)

URBEi (Calle Poeta Manuel Alcántara, 6, Local 6, Rincón de la Victoria)

Looking after your finances

Autokey (No physical HQ, the van travels the entire province) – 10% discount.

Suministros Coto (Calle Sigfrido, 32, Málaga) 

PC Link (Calle Antígona, 12, Málaga) - Hydrogel screen protector for your mobile for €7 (any model); 4+1 in compatible inks.

Divina Events (Calle La Orotava, 113, Málaga) - 10% discount on contracting services.

Moral Aceros y Paneles (Calle Hemingway, 19, Málaga) - 5% discount.

Activacar (Calle la Unión, 41, Málaga) - 10% discount on the installation of charging points for electric vehicles. 

Enviaxa (Calle Federico Téllez Macías, 6, Vélez-Málaga) - 10% discount on all services.

Más Que Asesores (Calle Juan Cabanilles, 11, floor 4, office 416, Málaga) - 20% discount on 2022 tax returns. Special promotions and free first consultations for the self-employed.

CLIMATECHMALAGA (Calle Emilio Prados, 8, Málaga) - 15% discount on new air conditioning installations, photovoltaic or production of domestic hot water and 20% off the first preventive maintenance contract of the air conditioning system.

AV Consultores Energéticos (Calle Pedro de Lobo, 4, Málaga) – Energy audit and free self-consumption study.

Ruralidays (Plaza Villa de Castelldefels, 1, entreplanta, office 4 Bis, Málaga) – Up to €100 discount on all reservations using the discount code MÁLAGACF.

Mosaico Soluciones (Calle Curtidores, 1, Bajo, Málaga) - 5% discount.

Centro Comercial Málaga Plaza (Calle Armengual de la Mota, 12) – 10% discount on 16-hour passes in the car park.

Tu Guía Online (Calle Manuel Cubeiro, 14, Oficina 3, Torremolinos) - 10% discount on all services

Parity (Calle La Gitanilla, 17, Office 31) - 10% discount on computer maintenance plans.

Cars and more

Garum Motor (Avda. Juan XXIII, Málaga) - Additional 5-year warranty on your new vehicle. Used cars with a €300 discount. 25% discount on workshop maintenance operations.

BP - BP card featuring discounts on refuelling. The discount cards can be collected at our La Rosaleda store.

Talleres Carrión (Avda. Andalucía 8, Cártama-Estación) - 25% discount on labour, as well as a special price of €40 for a comprehensive decarbonisation of the intake system using hydrogen.

Navarro Hermanos (Calle la Orotava, 4, Polígono El Viso) – €5 coupon on a minimum purchase of €50 (until 31 October).

IndecoAuto (Calle París, 47, Polígono San Luis) – 10% discount.

Grupo Auto Pro (Calle Fideas, 21-22, Málaga) – 10/20% discount on any service.


Pirandello Formación (Calle Pirandello, 16, 1ª Planta) – 50% discount on the first month.

Autoescuelas Torcal – Driving licence financing from €19 a month.

ESESA IMF (Avenida Sor Teresa Prat, 15, Módulo E-0) – 5% individual on the current commercial discount and 10% for a group (more than five people).


Palladium Costa del Sol (N-340, km 217, Benalmádena) – 10% discount from 1st October to 14th November and 24th February to 30th May. PROMOCODE: SOYMALAGUISTA.

Grupo Premium (Calle San Juan, 11, Málaga) – 15% discount on PREMIUM hotel and apartment accommodation, using discount code: #PREMIUMFUTBOLMALAGA.

Yo pongo el hielo (Calle César Vallejo, 22, Málaga) – 5% on first order. Set up a new account here

Max Colchón (Parque Comercial Bahía Sur - Avda. Montserrat Caballé s/n, Local 1-1) - 17% discount on all products.

Soho Boutique Hotels (Alameda Principal, 3, Málaga) - 11% discount on reservations during the 22/23 season using PROMOCODE: SOHOMALAGACF.

Holidays2Malaga (Avenida de Manuel Agustín Heredia, 6, Málaga) – First trial month with no commission or permanence.

Cubo’s Holiday Homes (Calle Guerrero Gajete, 13 -local 2-, in Alhaurín el Grande)

Living4Malaga (Calle Carretería, 43, Málaga) – 10% discount on holiday apartment with a mínimum two-night stay.

On wheels

Torino Motor (Calle Cuevas Bajas, 11, Málaga) – Free 3-year maintenance plan or equivalent discount when purchasing a new or second-hand vehicle from the dealer's brands.

Opel Autopremier (Avenida de José Ortega y Gasset, 305, Málaga) – The new Opel Mokka, no deposit and 100% equipped for €240 a month.

DFSK (Avenida de los Vegas, 19, Málaga) – The car of the future for €300 a month.

CV Motor (Calle Licurgo, 49, Málaga) – 5% discount on cash payments.

Vespa Málaga (Calle Salitre, 45, Málaga) – New Piaggio 1 (first 100% electric scooter) from €2,840.

Kia Ruedatur (Calle París, 82, Málaga) – €300 discount on your new Kia and 20% off an oil change.

Unitaxi Málaga (Calle Concepción Arenal, 9, Málaga).

Cormosa (Calle Sigfrido, Polígono Industrial Alameda, Málaga). 10% discount on workshop repairs and the purchase of spare parts. When buying a new or used car, you’ll receive a €200 gift voucher to redeem at the spare parts and accessories store.  

Autodrom Costa del Sol (Calle Alfredo Corrochano, 67 -dealership- and Calle Quilla, 14 – workshop).

Málaga Wagen (Avenida Velázquez, 62, Málaga) - €500 discount on the purchase of a new and used vehicle, in addition to other brand offers. 10% off labour and spare parts on visits to their workshops.

Málaga Sport Tunning (Calle Alejandro Dumas, 1, Málaga) - 10% discount.

Tahermo Renault (Avenida Velázquez, 186; Calle Afredo Corrochano, 109, Málaga)

A touch of colour

Pinturas Málaga Sol (Calle Marea Baja, 5, Málaga) – 10% discount in-store.

Pinturas Andalucía (Avenida de Los Vegas, 50, local 3) – Special conditions.

Pinturas Nova (Avenida Washington, 66, Málaga) - 12% discount for season ticket holders.

For Blue and White skin

Cao Tattoo (Avenida de las Postas 5, Málaga) – 10%-20% discount.

Silvia Moreno Poom (Alameda Principal, 38, Málaga) – 20% discount.

Cleaning and special services

CEEDIMA (Calle Cuarteles, 7, Málaga) – One hour of free cleaning on contracting any service.

Selym (Calle Río Guadalbarbo, Local 4, Mijas Costa) – 10% discount for companies on the first three services.


Baviera Golf (Club House Urbanización Baviera Golf, Caleta de Vélez, Málaga) - 50% discount on GF + BG fees.

Urban Planet Málaga (CC Los Patios, Avda. de Velázquez, 241) – 20% discount on trampolines and birthday parties.

Parque Infantil Multiaventura (Arroyo de Totalán, s/n, Centro Comercial Rincón de la Victoria, local 11, first floor) - 10% discount for season ticket holders on their children's birthdays.

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