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MCF Training Collection 21/22

The Club presents the new daily uniform with black and white being the principal colours. A collection that combines elegance with an ‘underground’ vibe.

04/07/2021 17:50 | Members / Associations / Followers / Organisation

Ben Barek’s waiting for you!

Málaga CF’s adviser can’t wait to see the fans again. But míster, there’s still a month to go!

02/07/2021 13:00 | Members / Associations / Followers

Wishes do come true!

Málaga CF’s Institutional Relations and Protocol Adviser, Francisco Martín Aguilar knows that Malaguistas can return to La Rosaleda, but for him it wasn’t such a great surprise!

27/06/2021 12:00 | Members / Associations / Followers

The Loyal Malaguista always steps up

Mari Carmen, Jaime, Antonio Jesús, Hugo and Jorge were among the first passionate Blue and White fans to pledge their loyalty to the Club. There are now 5,300 Loyal Malaguistas. Get to know their stories.

Peña Cultural Malaguista Ciudad Jardín (Yoryo)Founded in 2002|AssociatedC/ Alcalde Joaquín Quiles, 2729014 Málaga (Málaga)
    Peña Internacional MalaguistaFounded in 2002|37 members|AssociatedC/Peral, 729600 Marbella (Málaga)
    Peña Malacitana de BlanesFounded in 2000|60 members|AssociatedC/ Guilleries, 2617300 Blanes (Girona)penyamalacitanadeblanes@hotmail.comContact person: Jorge
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