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LaLiga returns with big discounts. Feel your colours!

To mark the return of football, this season’s shirts are priced at 25 euros for adults and 20 euros for children. The MCF Foundation’s solidarity shirt is once again on sale in the Online Store.

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Malaguistas and brothers away from home

In 2015, 14 members of the Blue and White Peña, Boquerones en Madrid founded a forum to talk about Málaga CF and their other passion, Semana Santa. Long-distance brothers and football fans continue living their passion at this time without sport or Easter processions, always accompanied by Vitoriano, honorary member and loyal Malaguista mascot.

Peña Cultural Malaguista Ciudad Jardín (Yoryo)Founded in 2002|AssociatedC/ Alcalde Joaquín Quiles, 2729014 Málaga (Málaga)
    Peña Internacional MalaguistaFounded in 2002|37 members|AssociatedC/Peral, 729600 Marbella (Málaga)
    Peña Malacitana de BlanesFounded in 2000|60 members|AssociatedC/ Guilleries, 2617300 Blanes (Girona)penyamalacitanadeblanes@hotmail.comContact person: Jorge
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