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“When the whole of Málaga goes for something…”

“…it’s very difficult for it to escape.” Pablo Guede said this himself during his first interview as Blue and White coach. This Saturday, at 20:00, Malaguismo will gather at La Rosaleda to achieve their objective.

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Enjoy a very special #MálagaBurgos!

Like we saw with the match against Real Oviedo, six lucky fans will enjoy a unique and unforgettable VIP Experience during #MálagaBurgos on Saturday 21st May at 20:00. In addition, a prize draw will take place exclusively for Loyal Malaguistas to accompany the players in our Junior 11. Lots of luck Malaguistas!

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You’re called-up to #MálagaBurgos!

The Club is offering you the chance to get a 20% discount on the price of your 22/23 season ticket. In the last match at La Rosaleda, each Loyal Malaguista will receive a free ticket, that can be downloaded in the Private Area or at ticket offices. If you access the stadium with your season ticket and the additional free ticket, you’ll get a 20% discount on next year’s second ticket as a reward for your loyalty.

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Come and cheer on the team!

To celebrate International Day of Families, Loyal Malaguistas can enjoy a free ticket for Saturday’s match against Real Oviedo (18:15). Malaguista, La Rosaleda awaits you! We’re stronger together!

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Here’s to another great experience!

We’re repeating the VIP Experience for Málaga-Real Oviedo. And we’re doing it in an action sponsored by ‘Málaga Ciudad Genial’, exclusively for Loyal Malaguistas.

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