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The aim of the following sale and purchase conditions is to establish the terms and explain the details of the operation of purchasing tickets by users who process their acquisition by this method, and also the rights and obligations inherent to the ticket(s) that is/are thereby purchased.



MALAGA CF, S.A.D. offers anyone interested the opportunity to purchase tickets through the Internet to attend the various events they organize. Internet users accessing the website of MALAGA C.F. and in particular to this section of ticket sales, voluntarily assume and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the contract of sale, which are subject, and subsequently exposed .



From the moment that the user processes an order for the purchase of one or more tickets, he or she will be deemed a "PURCHASER", and must comply with the obligations of such a condition in relation to MALAGA CF, S.A.D., which will be deemed the seller. A purchase made via Internet by the PURCHASER and that has been received by MALAGA CF, S.A.D. is considered a binding contract.

The PURCHASER estates that he possesses the required legal standing to contract on the website. He must correctly and completely fill in the details requested and agrees not to enter details of third parties. Reception of the order to purchase will be confirmed by MALAGA CF,S.A.D. by email and from that moment the sale and purchase is considered formalized. The PURCHASER will receive an email with the details of the purchase, the tickets attached and a link to the present Legal Conditions.



The acquisition of the ticket/s represents acceptance by the PURCHASER of the following General Conditions:

1) The time and date of the match for which the ticket/s are acquired and the price of the same will be as stated on the website at the moment that the purchase is made. Considering that the time and date of the match can be confirmation pending by the organizer and that the organizer of the competition can make the changes unilaterally, the PURCHASER will be the only party responsible for verifying the definitive time and date of the match before it takes place. Said verification may be made via the MALAGA CF, S.A.D. website or sending an email to

2) MALAGA CF, S.A.D. accepts no responsability for ticket/s that have not been acquired from official points of sale or those that were not directly printed by the PURCHASER via this site. Any ticket that is damaged, torn or suspected to be forgery will empower MALAGA CF, S.A.D. to refuse the holder entry in the ground. The PURCHASER will keep the ticket until he exits the ground.

3) The number of tickets, the price and location of the same, will be selected by the PURCHASER during the purchasing process and may not be modified once this has been formalized.

4) The purchase of tickets through the official website of MALAGA CF, S.A.D. offers a ticket printing service, which enables (i) printing of the ticket at the moment that the purchasing process is finalized (downloading a pdf file) or, (ii) saving the file on the computer to be printed later.

In exceptional situations, for technical and / or security reasons, the ticket printing service could be disabled, in which case, the PURCHASER must visit the Club ticket offices at least 2 hours before the match, in order to collect the ticket/s. To proceed with the collection of the tickets, the PURCHASER shall submit to the box office:

  • The purchase receipt (order confirmation) sent by email.
  • The credit / debit card that was used to make the purchase.
  • The credit/ debit cardholder's ID card / passport.

5) Once the ticket/s has been acquired they may not be exchanged for any other/s and the payment will be reimbursed only in case of cancellation of the sports event without just cause. In this case, the PURCHASER may request a refund within 14 days from the date of public announcement of the cancellation of the sports event for which the ticket/s was/were acquired, presenting proof of purchase. In any case, MALAGA CF, S.A.D. will return only the total amount corresponding to the price of the ticket/s but not handling costs or other expenses such as, by way of example and without limitation, hotels, travel, meals, diets, etc.

Should the established period of 14 days expire without the PURCHASER requesting reimbursement of the amounts corresponding to any purchases made, it will be understood that the PURCHASER has renounced his/her right to reimbursement of any corresponding amounts. Under no circumstances will reimbursements be made after the established periods.

The impossibility of the PURCHASER attending the match for reasons not attributable to MALAGA CF, and/or error when making the purchase will not be valid motives for reimbursement of the cost of the tickets.



MALAGA C.F. reserves the right to refuse admission. The legal age to view this type of event is 18 years. Anyone under this age must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

For security reasons, when entering the ground, attendees may be searched. It is not permitted under any circumstances, the entry of objects that could be considered dangerous or prohibited by current safety regulations in sports events. Causes that prevent access or right to stay in the sports arena:

  • Participating in altercations, brawls, fights or public disorder.
  • Entering, carrying or using any kind of weapon or object that could produce the same effects. Objects exceeding 500 grams/mililitres that could be used as projectiles such as food or drink containers.
  • Bringing or being in possession of flares, firecrackers, explosives or any kind of flammable product in general.
  • Being under the influence of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, psychotropics, stimulants or similar substances.
  • Bringing or selling any kind of alcoholic beverage, narcotics, psychotropics, stimulants or similar substances.
  • Bringing in, displaying or producing banners, flags, symbols or other insignias that incite violence or terrorism.
  • Performing songs or displaying expressions, sounds or attitudes that incite violence or terrorism.
  • Invading the playing field.
  • Having been sanctioned with the prohibition of access to any sports arena as long as the sanction remains in force.
  • Access to the ground with bulky items, strollers, motorbike helmets, suitcases or other objects that could be an obstacle in case of evacuation.

Supporters with reduced mobility will only be allowed to access the stadium through areas enabled for wheelchair users, provided they have a valid ticket for the aforementioned locations. Málaga CF will refuse entry to any person with reduced mobility that fails to show a ticket valid for this specific area, even if he/she holds a ticket valid for any other section of the stadium.

MALAGA C.F. may deny entry to or eject from the ground any ticket holder that fails to comply with these conditions or if he/she fails to obey orders issued by Club staff.

Refused entry or ejection from the ground may also occur if it is rationally suspected that the presence of the ticket holder in the ground supposes a situation of risk or danger to the ticket holder or other people attending the event. Under all circumstances, the ticket holder is responsible for his/her own actions and omissions when these cause injury to third parties or damage to materials.

MALAGA C.F. reserves all the image rights and intellectual property of the event. You may not take pictures, with or without flash, film or record for public distribution. Ticket holders acknowledge that enter the MALAGA C.F. ground and attend a sports event using the acquired ticket, thereby accept that they may be recorded as part of the crowd and grant MALAGA C.F. the free use of these images for any purpose.



A) The ticket/s acquired by this channel must be looked after until the sport event has taken place. The PURCHASER of the ticket or the person in whose name the ticket is personalized assumes all responsability in case of duplication, photocopying or falsification of the same, in which case all rights to enter the ground are relinquished.

Illegal resale (or attempt at illegal resale) of a ticket constitute a cause for confiscation or cancellation of said ticket without reimbursement or any other type of compensation.

In compliance with Article 248 of the Penal Code, the misuse of MALAGA C.F. site for the acquisition of tickets will be considered ecommerce fraud when any of the following circumstances occur:

                - Providing false personal details or false data of a bank card.

                - Providing personal data of a third party other than the PURCHASER.

                - Providing bank card details of a third party other than the PURCHASER.

                - Assuming the identity of a known or unknown cardholder.                                   

                - Providing bank card details generated by computer software o similar algorithms.

The penalty prescribed by law for ecommerce fraud shall be up to six years imprisonment.

MALAGA C.F. will not be held responsible for any loss or robbery of tickets. Neither will it be responsible for loss or robbery of personal belongings.

The PURCHASER will comply with the terms and conditions of season tickets when using a third party season ticket for the purchase of tickets. You can read all the information at:

The acquisition of tickets does not entitle the PURCHASER to use the same, or its content, for advertising, marketing or promotional purposes (including contests, gifts and/or prize draws) without the express written consent of MALAGA C.F. Failure to comply with this prohibition will entitle MALAGA C.F. to the cancellation of the ticket/s and initiate whatever legal actions are considered appropriate for the claim for damages that such behavior may have caused to MALAGA C.F.



  • Credit /debit card
    Payment by card will be carried out by means of a secure payment gateway belonging to the financial institution that works with MALAGA C.F.
    MALAGA C.F. does not collect or manipulate any PURCHASER’s bank card details. Bank data is collected by the financial institution to assure the privacy and security of the transaction.



In accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law 15/1999, December 13th, of Protection of Personal Data MALAGA C.F. informs the PURCHASER that his/her personal data will be incorporated into an automated file registered in the Registro General de Protección de Datos (RGPD). This file has been created to manage the online ticket sales.

If there is video surveillance access please be informed that your image will become part of a file under MALAGA C.F. responsibility for the purpose of control access, event security and resolution of incidents.

Accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided

MALAGA C.F. will not be held responsible for any false information provided by the PURCHASER. It will be the responsibility of the PURCHASER to provide accurate and truthful information and to update this information when necessary.

MALAGA C.F. will not be held responsible for any information published out of its official channels/website.

Sharing personal data

MALAGA C.F. will not provide purchaser's personal details to a third party. Only under the purchaser's consent would MALAGA C.F. be authorized to share any personal data.

Right to access, rectify and cancel personal data

Should you wish to exercise your right to access, correct, cancel and oppose the processing of your personal data in accordance with the Law 15/1999 LOPD,  you may contact MALAGA C.F. by e-mail at or at the postal address: Paseo de Martiricos s/n (Estadio La Rosaleda) – 29011 Málaga. You will have to include a copy of your ID and the subject “PROTECCIÓN DE DATOS”.



In the event of any dispute or disagreement arises in the interpretation or application of these terms and conditions, the PURCHASER and MALAGA C.F. admit to submit expressly to the laws of Spain renouncing to any other general or special jurisdiction that may correspond to them.