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Back 13/07/2011

Málaga CF's coaching staff and players arrived in Alicante on Friday, and since they touched down the flow of information has been continual, with everyone getting to know the ins and outs of the team, thanks to the work of journalists at Campoamor. The media organisations which cover the daily antics of the Malaga squad have sent their writers, photographers and cameramen to record every part of the team's routine The press corp found great facilities -- golf courses, swimming pools -- but little time to enjoy them as the workload is so great. Each day they know what time they start work, but never know what time they'll finish. But life isn't all about work, so despite the hectic schedule they try to look for a window in the diary to fit in some time for relaxation. The preseason is marked by the continuous barrage of work, but it's a good opportunity learn more about the team and players. And living together means you get to share some special moments. These people do a magnificent job and work closely with Málaga CF to bring you videos like the one you are watching now, which keep you up to date with the team.

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