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Back 08/08/2011

After playing the Carranza trophy, and resting yesterday, Málaga CF resumed training in the annex of La Rosaleda Stadium. A working session with a warm-up, rounds, ball control exercises, goal shooting and matches on reduced pitches. All this at a slower pace. The internationals Monreal, Cazorla, Mathijsen, Recio and Isco didn't take part, with the last two being in the Under 20s world cup. Weligton was the big news this morning, the Brazilian jogged alongside Enrique Ruiz. On the periphery of the group, Kris, who's suffering from a groin injury and Helder Rosario, who has pulled his hamstring exercised in the gym. Tomorrow from 9.30 am, the team will return to training in the 'Ciudad de Málaga' athletics stadium.

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