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06/06/2019 12:05 | The MBC

The MBC, a star pupil

The Malaguista business group visited San Telmo Business School to receive a masterclass in digital and offline sales.

23/05/2019 13:10 | The MBC

A very applied leadership

In a short time, BeSoccer has become a world leader and forms with Málaga CF, as sponsor and member of the Business Club ‘The MBC’, a strong Malagueño and Malaguista link.

09/05/2019 11:43 | The MBC

Tesesa, clearly Malagueños and Malaguistas

Tesesa and Málaga CF form a memorable Malaguista pair. The company, a specialist in the design and manufacturing of doors and Málaga CF’s main sponsor, was also the team’s principal sponsor during the last promotion.

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