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24/05/2019 23:05 | Report

Crucial comeback in a colossal second half (3-1)

Málaga CF defeated Real Zaragoza, at La Rosaleda, on LaLiga 1|2|3 matchday 40. Pep Biel put the visitors in front in the first half, whilst Renato, Blanco Leschuk and Adrián scored goals in the second half to secure a superb Malaguista comeback.

23/04/2019 17:17 | First team

MCF centenary goals

Renato Santos scored goal number 1,400 in the history of Málaga CF. Before him, there were another 13 players who scored centenary goals. It all started with the first one, the work of Juanma.

21/04/2019 14:08 | First team

Alcorcón, kilometre 35

The saying in football ‘new coach, certain victory’ came true in Alcorcón with a superb 1-4 win for new Málaga CF manager, Víctor Sanchez del Amo.

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