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16/05/2019 10:57 | First team

Málaga CF Grand Prix

The Blue and White first team and coaching team enjoyed a great day together at the Kart Center circuit in Campillos. Later they dined in the Málaga town of Pizarra.

30/04/2019 17:37 | Report

‘The League of Gregarious’

Former cyclist from Asturias, Luis Pasamontes visited the Ciudad de Málaga stadium last week, where he gave an interesting talk to the Malaguista first team about the importance of teamwork.

17/04/2019 15:14 | Report

‘Team Víctor’

The Malaguista coaching team has been revamped with the arrival of Víctor Sánchez del Amo and his trusted team. MCFTV introduces you to them.

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