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12/08/2021 18:54 | First team

Bienvenue, Pey!

Mathieu Peybernes is delighted to be part of the Malaguista Family. MCFTV accompanied him on his official presentation at La Rosaleda Stadium.

11/08/2021 17:58 | First team

MCF Inside: Dani Martín

The Málaga CF goal has a new keeper bursting with enthusiasm to succeed. MCFTV brings you the presentation of Dani Martín with the classic ‘Inside’.

09/07/2021 15:08 | First team

MCF Inside: 'Pau, Paulino'

The new Malaguista player met Francis 'Rumba', who wrote the 'Pau, Paulino' hit, which had an impact across the country when the player’s signing was announced. Unmissable.

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