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06/02/2020 14:36 | Press conference

Manolo Gaspar: "The assessment is positive, I’m happy"

Málaga CF’s sports director appeared before the media accompanied by general manager of the Entity, Richard Shaheen. “The Club is in the most stable situation it’s been in for the past five months. We’re moving in the right direction”, said the director.

20/08/2015 19:53 | Business

Gaspar, Iznata and Nacho pull the perfect pint with San Miguel

Ex Málaga CF players, Manolo Gaspar, Raúl Iznata and Nacho Pérez enjoyed practising how to pull the perfect pint on the official Club sponsor, San Miguel stand at the ‘Feria’, in the Plaza de la Constitución: “The perfect Málaga pint is pulled with great art” and as the brand slogan states: “The best is yet to come.”

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