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29/08/2019 18:19 | Members / Associations / Followers

A family with 18,000 members!

The 19/20 season ticket campaign continues at full pace and, despite the league season having already started, the number of Malaguistas keeps increasing! Thanks fans!

26/08/2019 14:24 | First team

Kilometre 2: First point at La Rosaleda

The team secured a draw in the first home game of the 19/20 season. Close to 18,000 Malaguistas cheered on Málaga CF as the lads fought until the end against UD Las Palmas.

24/08/2019 22:55 | Report

All square in first home game of the season (1-1)

Málaga CF went level following an initial goal from UD Las Palmas, at La Rosaleda, on LaLiga SmartBank matchday 2. Rubén Castro put the visitors in the lead at the start of the second half, whilst Adrián evened up the scoreboard from the penalty spot, 10 minutes before the final whistle.

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