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23/01/2023 09:59 | First team

Málaga CF’s training timetable this week

Following a day off on Monday, training will resume on Tuesday afternoon. Morning sessions are forecast on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at La Rosaleda, ahead of #RealSportingMálaga on Sunday.

22/01/2023 12:31 | Training

Sunday training at La Rosaleda

The team returned to training this morning at La Rosaleda Stadium. The starting players from the match against Burgos CF yesterday exercised in the gym, whilst the subs and non-called-up players were in training at the Annexe.

20/01/2023 17:51 | Training

Final session before hosting Burgos

The Malaguista squad returned to training this Friday on La Rosaleda’s main pitch. The team finalised preparations for tomorrow’s matchday 24 league fixture against Burgos CF.

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