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30/11/2022 12:30 | Training

Second session of the week at the Annexe

The team returned to training this Wednesday morning at La Rosaleda’s Annexe ground. Juande and Juanfran took part in normal training with N’Diaye in action with the group for the second consecutive day.

22/11/2022 19:03 | Members / Associations / Followers

An afternoon of Malaguismo at the MCF Store

Malaguista players Juande, María Monterroso and Carlos García, together with our mascot Súper Boke met the young Blue and White fans today as part of Children’s Week.

21/11/2022 13:52 | Members / Associations / Followers

Meet your idols in Children’s Week!

Juande, María Monterroso and Carlos García will meet and greet Blue and White fans tomorrow, Tuesday at 16:30 at the MCF Store at La Rosaleda.

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