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25/02/2021 17:46 | Press conference

“Málaga CF comes before anything else”

The Malaguista judicial administrator, José María Muñoz spoke to the media at the ‘Juan Cortés’ press room at La Rosaleda: “Some people spend all day offering me advice, what we need is sponsorship”.

20/02/2021 10:30 | Organisation

Manolo 2023

The head of Málaga CF’s sports management this week renewed his contract until the end of the 2022/23 season, to the delight of Malaguismo.

04/02/2021 18:14 | Business

Coca-Cola and MCF present their 2021 calendar

Both organisations have unveiled their most special calendar to date, which pays tribute to the fans who appear alongside the male, female and Genuine teams in a selection of images worthy of collection.

04/01/2021 18:01 | Málaga CF Foundation

‘Everyone’s shirt’

Today Málaga Genuine received a Christmas gift from the LaLiga Foundation. Beautiful LaLiga Genuine Santander t-shirts for our Supercapacitad@s team.

10/12/2020 13:20 | First team

Together for the same goal

José María Muñoz and Manolo Gaspar congratulate the first team for all the hard work up to now, and recall the first objective of the season: to reach 50 points.

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