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25/02/2021 19:02 | Press conference

“Málaga CF needs Málaga’s support”

Judicial administrator, José María Muñoz stated to the media: “I’m envious when I speak with other managers and see there are other cities that are a little more involved with their team”.

25/02/2021 17:46 | Press conference

“Málaga CF comes before anything else”

The Malaguista judicial administrator, José María Muñoz spoke to the media at the ‘Juan Cortés’ press room at La Rosaleda: “Some people spend all day offering me advice, what we need is sponsorship”.

20/02/2021 10:30 | Organisation

Manolo 2023

The head of Málaga CF’s sports management this week renewed his contract until the end of the 2022/23 season, to the delight of Malaguismo.

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