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20/06/2019 10:29 | Málaga CF Foundation

UMA rewards Málaga Genuine

The University of Málaga recognised the Fundación Málaga CF EDI team with the ‘Inclusive Sport Award’ at the traditional annual university sports awards gala.

17/06/2019 13:07 | Málaga CF Foundation

Champions of LaLiga Genuine!

The Fundación Málaga CF EDI team put the finishing touch to a dream season this past weekend in Valencia. The Blue and Whites team, champion of the 'Compañerismo' Group at its premiere at LaLiga Genuine.

14/06/2019 12:14 | Málaga CF Foundation

Final of LaLiga Genuine in Valencia

This weekend in Valencia, the Fundación Málaga CF EDI team will face the fourth and final phase of LaLiga Genuine in the 2018/19 season.

31/05/2019 11:58 | Málaga CF Foundation

Genuine legends

On Thursday, Málaga Genuine faced a team of Blue and White stars, where the best football reigned throughout.

28/05/2019 18:03 | Málaga CF Foundation

Málaga CF’s I course in Sports Management and Scouting begins

The Club’s sports director and his deputy, José Luis Pérez Caminero and Juan Rodríguez respectively, kicked-off this specialist course. A project undertaken through the MCF Foundation, that goes a step further with the creation of the ‘Formación MCF’ section.

25/05/2019 16:59 | Málaga CF Foundation

The Pérez Frías brothers, eternal at La Rosaleda

Brothers, Juan Carlos Pérez Frías and Nacho Pérez Frías were honoured in the lead-up to Málaga-Real Zaragoza, and their name will forever remain in the heart of the Blue and White stadium with a commemorative plaque in the local dressing room’s medical room that bears their name.

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