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24/10/2021 18:44 | Málaga CF Foundation

Palas para Tod@s!

The MCF Foundation’s Supercapacitad@s took part in the ‘Palas para Todos’ charity tournament this Sunday, organised by padel champion, Carolina Navarro.

07/10/2021 13:39 | Organisation

La Rosaleda’s big night!

Our stadium’s birthday celebrations brought together a large part of the Malaguista Family. Nearly 4,000 unconditional Malaguistas joined players, coaches and sporting institutions to enjoy a magical night.

06/10/2021 13:10 | Organisation

What a Happy Birthday!

Around 4,000 Malaguistas brought light, soul and Blue and White colour to the stands at La Rosaleda, to celebrate its 80th birthday during an emotional event full of unforgettable moments.

27/09/2021 18:55 | Málaga CF Foundation

Málaga CF Genuine are back!

Sportsmanship, camaraderie and third place for the MCF Foundation’s Supercapacitad@s team in the II Copa de Andalucía Genuine, held in Alcalá del Valle.

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