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04/07/2021 17:50 | Members / Associations / Followers / Organisation

Ben Barek’s waiting for you!

Málaga CF’s adviser can’t wait to see the fans again. But míster, there’s still a month to go!

03/06/2021 11:30 | Members / Associations / Followers

This season, we’re Giving Our All!

We ask you to ‘Give Your All’. With courage and fight. We don’t sell smoke. That magic smoke you can see from the outside only hides perseverance, dedication and feeling.

02/02/2021 09:56 | Organisation

Happy Birthday Ben Barek!

Abdallah Ben Barek El Antaki is celebrating his birthday today, Tuesday 2nd February. A Malaguista legend who represents the Club’s values of Memory, Commitment and faith like nobody else.

19/01/2021 17:15 | Málaga CF Foundation

Winners announced in IV edition of #SiempreFuerte Awards

Antonio Banderas, a symbol of our city and one of the most universal Malagueños, receives the #SiempreFuerte Special Award. The Abdallah Ben Barek Award goes to handball star, Pepa Moreno, whilst the winning social entities are Asociación Benéfica Patronato Santo Domingo, AFENES and Hermanitas de los Pobres.

28/02/2020 13:55 | Business

We live your colours!

Pinturas Andalucía is celebrating four decades of existence, just like Andalucía, with Andalucía Day commemorated this Friday 28th February.

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