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14/02/2019 12:05 | Málaga CF Foundation

A #SiempreFuerte evening

The Museo Picasso hosted a beautiful gala on Wednesday night, organised by the MCF Foundation, with true examples of solidarity, overcoming adversity and respect in the province receiving awards.

25/01/2019 19:30 | Report

Basti puts Samu and Chelsea to the test!

MCFTV brings you a unique penalty shoot-out with Basti as the only shooter and reserve team keeper, Samu Casado, and Málaga Femenino keeper, Chelsea as the ‘rivals’, to see who can save the most penalties. Who will win?

07/01/2019 18:38 | Málaga CF Foundation

#MálagaReus, the Solidarity Match

Yesterday’s match at La Rosaleda marked a new edition of the MCF Foundation’s ‘Solidarity Match’, which had a large presence of Málaga CF fans linked to social groups in the city.

23/12/2018 17:34 | Málaga CF Foundation

A tournament where everyone’s a winner

The Club, through its Foundation, held the first ‘Súpercapacitad@s’ football tournament in Alhaurín de la Torre. Solidarity, integration and sport took centre stage on this special day.

19/12/2018 15:20 | Málaga CF Foundation

‘Supercapacitad@s’ Football Tournament

The Málaga CF Foundation, with the sponsorship of the Diputación de Málaga and support of the sport department of the Alhaurín de la Torre Town Hall, is organising a 7-a-side football tournament between Málaga CF EDI, ADIMI, Espíritu deportivo and AFENES.

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