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25/03/2020 18:28 | Málaga CF Foundation

The call of the “nieto malaguista”

A group of volunteers from Málaga Club de Fútbol, in collaboration with Fundación Harena, will offer support and a friendly ear on the phone to older people who live alone.

18/03/2020 22:18 | Report

Remembering Peiró

MCFTV gathers together a large number of protagonists with two things in common. The now eternal figure of the legendary Joaquín Peiró and Málaga CF. Unmissable.

28/02/2020 13:55 | Business

We live your colours!

Pinturas Andalucía is celebrating four decades of existence, just like Andalucía, with Andalucía Day commemorated this Friday 28th February.

10/02/2020 21:36 | Málaga CF Foundation

Carnival, carnival… Blue and White carnival!

The stalls of the Cervantes Theatre were adorned in the Málaga CF colours. Fans responded to the call from the Carnival Foundation and the Club and filled the stalls with Malaguista shirts.

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