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03/06/2017 01:12 | Atlético Malagueño

Reserve team arrive in Ibiza

Following a peaceful flight, Atlético Malagueño arrived in Ibiza on Friday night. There’s a great atmosphere amongst the team, who are determined to obtain a good result tomorrow in Santa Eulalia.

02/06/2017 15:04 | Atlético Malagueño

Reserve team travel to Ibiza this afternoon

Club Atlético Malagueño is heading to the Balearic Islands this afternoon, ahead of tomorrow’s match against Peña Deportiva de Ibiza in the first leg of the 2nd round of #PromotionPlayOffs to Second Division B.

02/06/2017 12:01 | Atlético Malagueño / La Academia / Málaga CF Female

Academy schedule

Atlético Malagueño’s match tomorrow in Ibiza will capture the attention of the Malaguista youth ranks, as well as various other prestigious tournaments taking place over the weekend.

29/05/2017 17:39 | Atlético Malagueño

Malagueño will face Peña Deportiva

Atlético Malagueño now know their next rival in the 2nd tie in the #PromotionPlayOffs to Second Division B. SCR Peña Deportiva de Ibiza will be the Malaguistas’ opponent.

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