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17/06/2019 13:07 | Málaga CF Foundation

Champions of LaLiga Genuine!

The Fundación Málaga CF EDI team put the finishing touch to a dream season this past weekend in Valencia. The Blue and Whites team, champion of the 'Compañerismo' Group at its premiere at LaLiga Genuine.

10/05/2019 13:25 | Málaga CF Womens

Adriana travels to Kuwait with LaLiga

The Málaga CF Femenino captain is taking part in a football clinic this Saturday 11th May, ahead of a women’s football tournament taking place in Kuwait.

14/03/2019 18:14 | Málaga CF Foundation

Always a special visit to Materno Infantil

First team players Ricca and Adrián, plus Málaga Femenino members Adriana and Dominika, enjoyed their visit to see the boys and girls on the haematology-oncology ward.

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