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15/05/2018 18:27 | First team / Members / Associations / Followers

Joyería Marcos and Hublot reward MVP Roberto

The Malaguista goalkeeper was voted as the most outstanding player on the squad during the season, and receives the award from the Málaga-based store.

11/05/2018 16:09 | Members / Associations / Followers

‘Los Lunes’ rewards Iturra

The Peña Malaguista Los Lunes recognised Manuel Iturra for his work this season, in a simple act held before the first team’s training session.

11/05/2018 11:13 | Members / Associations / Followers

Fuengirola is Malaguista!

Málaga CF captain, José Recio, visited the Peña Malaguista in the Málaga municipality, where he was welcomed by over a hundred Blue and White fans.

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