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Muñiz signs up to Málaga

The new Blue and Whites’ coach visited the Club’s ticket offices to collect his personal season ticket and become another member of the Malaguista Family.

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Malaguismo overcomes all obstacles

The ‘Peña Malaguista Sobre Ruedas’ is a pioneer amongst the supporters’ groups of Spanish football, and never misses a match at La Rosaleda.

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8.000 season tickets in first week of campaign

Málaga CF’s 2018/19 Season Ticket Campaign has got off to a great start. Some 8,000 Malaguista season tickets have been sold, both online and in La Rosaleda ticket offices, of which 300 are new holders.

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The Malaguista 600

It has adorned the exterior of La Rosaleda at every Málaga CF match for two decades. A very special vehicle, decorated in the Blue and White colours, promoting Malaguismo wherever it goes.

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Class of Malaguismo

The students at CPR Almijara school in Canillas de Albaida learned about the values of sport and teamwork under the Málaga CF flag.

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Because I love you, Málaga

The Blue and White feeling is very present in our lives. How can I not love you? It's because I love you that I follow you everywhere! There’s no logical answer, we cannot, and don’t want to avoid it. Here are five real love stories for our colours.

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