The Blue and Whites’ feeling crosses borders, and the foreign supporters’ clubs are a prime example of how far the love for our colours travels. The Malaguista Peñas from Denmark, Finland, Sweden, the International, the Guiri Army, and the recently formed Norwegian ‘Oso Polar’ all form part of the Malaguista family.

Currently, the Club has more than a thousand foreign season ticket holders who come to La Rosaleda stadium every weekend to support the team. Málaga CF is very much aware of the importance of international fans, being based in a city with a large presence of foreign citizens. As our team’s hymn says: “Let’s go to La Rosaleda, it’s an international ground”.

Every year, more than 16 million tourists land at Málaga-Costa del Sol airport, many from foreign countries, and many of them being big football fans. ‘Be Malaguista’ was set up for this audience, so they too can be in tune with the Blue and Whites’ feeling.