Málaga Club de Fútbol has in the Academy an important responsibility based on sports, education and teaching development.  The young players within the youth ranks belong to an entity that oversees education and teaching as starting points for the development of sporting activities.  Values that the Club conveys from the foundation so our young players develop in all areas of life.  Respect for the rival, solidarity and sportsmanship are values also associated with the Academy that, thanks to this philosophy and methodology, as well as boasting a Sports City that is soon to be a reality, becomes a benchmark for youth ranks on a national and European level.



MCF Academy match results

Atlético Malagueño and Juvenil 'A' both claimed a point a piece away from home over the weekend, with the majority of Blue and White youth teams playing away fixtures.

MCF Academy match schedule

A weekend of away fixtures for Malagueño and Juvenil ‘A’, the latter in Almería in the fight for the top spots in the competitive División de Honor Group 4.

7-9 of 1976