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Months before CD Málaga disappeared, the directors disassociated themselves from Club Atlético Malagueño, which had a different federative number so it wouldn’t appear to be involved in the disappearance, meaning football in Málaga would have had to start from the last categories.

During this period of transition, before being constituted into a public limited sports company, and adopting the name Málaga Club de Fútbol, Club Atlético Malagueño competed in the Third Division during the 1992/93 season.  The team moved up to the bronze category of Spanish football, Second Division B.  However, the precarious financial situation conditioned the sports planning, and in 1993/94, they were relegated again to the Third Division.

The team’s debut in Second Division B in 1993/94 was short-lived, thanks to the team being too young and inexperienced, and the continuous change of coach during the campaign, hence relegation to Third Division several matches in advance.  It was during this season when the name change to Málaga Club de Fútbol began to take shape.

Club Atlético Malagueño was founded on 25th May 1948 as the reserve team of Club Deportivo Málaga, taking the place until then held by Fernández Requena CF.  Since the start, Malagueño’s main function was to supply players to CD Málaga, with nearly a hundred players making the leap to the first team.

 Presidents of Club Atlético Malagueño: Antonio Domínguez and José Antonio Ruiz Guerra.Club Atlético Malagueño coaches: Fernando Rosas, Antonio Montero ‘Nene’, Francisco Javier Ortiz ‘Kempes’, Ricardo Albis, Voltaire García and Pepe Sánchez.Standout Club Atlético Malagueño players: Bravo, Basti, Pepelu, Jesule, Servia, Paco Pérez, Richard and Burgos.