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A year later, in 1934, CD Malacitano was loaned a plot of land at Martiricos by the Town Hall for the creation of a new stadium, as the pitch at Baños del Carmen was too small: the La Rosaleda project was born, the current football stadium in Málaga.

The 1940/41 season, brought with it a major change in Málaga football.  CD Malacitano ended in 5th place in the Second Division, and competed in the Copa del Generalísimo.  In the first round, the team eliminated Jerez FC (30th March 1941), the last match held at Baños del Carmen.  In the second round, the rival was AD Ferroviaria at La Rosaleda stadium that was still under construction, on 13th April 1941.  The result was 6-0, with goals from Fuentes (5) and Tomasín.

The match played at La Rosaleda on 27th April 1941 was the last official game under this denomination.  The birth of Club Deportivo Málaga was around the corner.

 Presidents of CD Malacitano: Francisco Fresneda, José Garrido Garrido, Vicente González Mira, José Atencia Molina, Mateo Castañer Gallardo, Sergio Gómez Larrea and Eugenio Sánchez Recio.CD Malacitano coaches: Arrillaga, Manzanedo, Valentín, Sorribas and Quirantes.Standout CD Malacitano players: Albarracín, Gamero, Meri, Vides, Chales, Patricio, Langarita, Liz, Pedrín, Valentín, Alonso, Corral, Salazar, Chacho and Fuentes.