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1904-1933: THE ORIGINS

On 3rd April 1904, the first football match in Málaga took place, with Málaga Football Club being the protagonist of this first match in the Costa del Sol capital in the early 20th century.

Málaga FC didn’t appear in official competition until 1921, after taking part in regular matches at Baños del Carmen beach.  Part of the Málaga Football Club directive left the entity in 1923, and decided to launch a new footballing project in the city: Malagueño FC was born.

On 11th August 1927, football in Málaga became royal thanks to the presence of the Prince of Asturias and the Princesses in certain matches.  Alfonso XIII accepted the honorary presidency of Málaga Football Club, which would be renamed Real Málaga thanks to the management of president, Ignacio Lazarraga.

In 1929, a national League competition was established, and the Third Division was created, where the two most represented teams of Málaga football were competing; Real Málaga and Malagueño FC.  In September 1930, Real Málaga merged with the local team of Segalerva (Sporting Club), to become Málaga Sport Club.