The MBC (Málaga Business Club) is an initiative set up by Málaga CF to generate proximity between companies.  The aim is for small, medium and large businesses to create synergies with each other.  Within this enterprise, the Martiricos entity wants to get involved and support the Málaga business network, becoming the bond between businesses of different sectors and productive areas.

Málaga CF wants to link all companies who wish to promote sporting and business values, with La Rosaleda being the optimum area to form business links.  There’s no better place to generate business than sharing the excitement of a match every fortnight within the best League in the world, in a unique setting and with an exclusive level of service.



06/04/2017 12:03 |

The MBC engines roar at Ascari

The Málaga circuit hosted an exciting day for Málaga CF’s Business Club, in which the guests piloted racing cars and later enjoyed a meal.

02/03/2017 17:39 |

Networking in Eibar

The MBC accompanied the team to Ipurúa and met with various of Eibar’s sponsors in the lead-up to #EibarMálaga.

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